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5 Strange Umbrella Facts

We’re fascinated with umbrellas, it’s a fact. We can clearly see how the weather affects us because rain falls outside our windows almost every day from September to May, which causes our office phone in the UK to ring constantly. We conduct a little rain dance and assist our clients in placing orders for branded umbrellas to be given to patrons, staff members, or used for eye-catching displays, occasions, and performances.

We’re going to share some fascinating insights we’ve gained from making umbrellas for ten years with you. Please contact us if you have any other information; we’re always interested in finding out more.

1.There are muscles in recycled umbrellas

Recycled umbrellas possess strength. They may be customized and are stormproof and waterproof! We have only ever produced high quality umbrellas that last a lifetime; we are not satisfied with the cheap, disposable umbrellas that are thrown away on the street or wind up in landfills. We offer a two-year quality warranty on our umbrellas. We’ve gone one step further and are currently producing recyclable umbrellas. Recycled plastic bottles, or RPE, can be customized with printing to create a fully functional, storm-resistant umbrella. For you, there is an umbrella fact!

Umbrella Workshop: Bicep Drops umbrella in rPET

2.Women pioneered the umbrella movement.

Before males started using umbrellas, women were the ones who promoted their use. Since the umbrella was first discovered in 1708, women have used it to shelter themselves from the weather and to accessorise their clothing. An umbrella is described as “a screen commonly used by women to keep off rain” in Kersey’s dictionary. Another interesting tidbit about umbrellas: Hackney coachmen ridiculed and mocked John Hanway, a London-based benefactor and traveler, for adopting the umbrella.

Image source: Favour Omoruy UNSPLASH

3. Having an umbrella lends you credibility

Princess Palatine encouraged the umbrella to be used widely throughout Europe in 1712. Her use encouraged the nobility to wear umbrellas as accessories. It is said that in 1768 a Paris journal warned against going outside without an umbrella since it is seen as disgusting!

For quite some time now, it has been customary to always take an umbrella with you when you go outside, even if it means lugging it under your arm for six months in order to use it maybe six times. Those who would like not be thought of as impolite would much rather risk being wet than be thought of as pedestrians; the use of an umbrella is a dead giveaway for someone without a carriage.

4. Robinsons was the previous name for umbrellas

“I covered it with skins, the hair outwards, so that it kept off the sun so effectively and cast off the rain like a penthouse, so I could walk outside in the hottest weather with more advantage than I could in the coolest,” he claims.

In Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, the protagonist makes his own umbrella that resembles one he saw in Brazil. Because of this, the umbrella was called a “Robinson” for a long time before being gradually phased out.

5. February 10 is National Umbrella Day

Around the world, people celebrate National Umbrella Day in honor of our dependable best friend. This significant invention shields us from the sun and keeps us dry during rainy weather. Come rejoice with us under our modest cover.

Image source: Helen Cheng UNPLASH

More umbrella facts: history of umbrellas

  • The fact that they have a lengthy and enduring history and have been portrayed in history books for more than 4,000 years in Greece, China, and Egypt is an umbrella fact that was left off the list.
  • Since sunshades and paper umbrellas first appeared as rain protection, they have advanced significantly. The umbrella began to gain popularity in the 17th century and spread throughout Europe as a means of weather protection.
  • In the modern era, an umbrella is a necessary item in the majority of people’s handbags or car trunks. More than 10,000 of these products are left on the tube every day, making them one of the top 5 most popular objects left in the London Underground.

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