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8 Ideas for Promotional Marketing to Increase Business Visibility

Time is a limited resource. A Microsoft study found that the average human attention span is only 8 seconds, which is 4 seconds less than it was in 2000. While it may not seem like much, these few seconds can mean the difference between a new, devoted customer and another bored bystander for marketers.

More than ever, marketers need to be astute if they hope to be noticed above the cacophony of innumerable social media feeds, constant notifications, and never-ending offers from rival businesses. We’ve put up a list of creative promotional marketing ideas for businesses to use below in order to get noticed.

Organize enjoyable and beneficial classes.

By offering beneficial workshops, businesses may increase awareness and create loyalty. Once a week, local teachers lead free in-store yoga lessons offered by Canadian athleisure and yoga brand Lululemon. These courses assist the corporation in showcasing both their product and a highly visible dedication to customers, in addition to sponsoring health-related events like Sweat Life in London.

Arrange roundtable discussions and webinars.

Ideas for promotional marketing include Creating thought leadership and authority in the industry and among your target audience can be accomplished through panels and lectures. Marketers that want to organize these kinds of events should keep in mind that creating value and insight should come first, not advertising.

Consider holding webinars if the cost of a live event is out of your reach. They are less expensive, comparatively simpler to organize, and have lower registration requirements because most invitations are issued via email. Engaged potential clients can also be effectively reached with these live video seminars. Even while webinars typically draw far fewer participants, the average viewer is ready to stay on for 61 minutes.

Design unique and interactive in-store layouts

Approximately 500 million users share casual glimpses of their lives on Instagram Stories each day. Displays with quirky and distinctive designs can quickly begin promoting themselves on photo sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

However, store designs ought to do more for the consumer experience than just look good. Entering a Lush store is an amazing sensory experience. Every product is arranged in an enticing manner and offered for free sampling to customers. A University College London professor of built environments refers to Ikea stores as a “catalogue in physical form” because of their clever design, which elegantly displays their products.

Consider employing small influencers within your industry.

Influencer marketing can be extremely effective; one only needs to look at famous people like the Kardashian family. A single post from a reasonably well-known influencer can cost as much as $1,000 USD (or £700 USD), which puts off a lot of businesses.

Thankfully, you don’t require people who have millions of followers. Just as effective, if not more so, are micro influencers—influencers with 50,000 to a few thousand followers. These people, who are celebrities in their own right, can be used as inspiration for promotional marketing campaigns because they are seen as more approachable and relatable than influencers with millions of followers. These fascinating cross between the kid next door and a VIP frequently command a close-knit group of devoted and highly engaged followers.

Give your customers the best possible service…

Advertisements draw attention to your product, but ratings, comments, and reviews are what will make it a success. In the connected world of today, sales copy is not trusted 12 times as much as reviews. Before making an online purchase, about 94% of consumers read product reviews.

Going above and beyond in customer service is one of the best ways to promote reviews. After a satisfying purchase, more than 80% of customers are likely to make another one. Additionally, they are more likely to tell their friends and family about you.

…make use of social proof

For your business, positive reviews are highly valuable assets. Thus, make sure to highlight testimonials on your website whenever you receive them. Incorporate positive customer testimonials into your marketing copy and product description.

Make case studies centered around your most prosperous clients if you have the means to do so. These can serve as a lead magnet for potential clients and convince even the most dubious people about your product or service.

Be tactfully social

Social media has influence over your internal marketing channels as well. Most companies most likely have a presence of some kind on one or two major channels. Actually, there is a lot of competition, and some users are becoming weary of the constant barrage of advertisements and sales pitches, which reduces the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns.

Brands need to stop spamming followers and come up with new ideas in order to break through the fatigue fog on social media. To be noticed, you don’t have to post frequently. The right post at the right moment can generate more engagement than content that is published far after midnight, according to promotional marketing ideas. Additionally, marketers are able to ignore popular, crowded channels like Facebook and Twitter into other platforms like Quora or Pinterest. Some experiment with AI-enabled chatbots on Facebook Messenger

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