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5 Popular Customization Options for Umbrellas

Nowadays, most businesses absolutely need to have customized umbrellas. Customized umbrellas are a necessary component of the staff uniform and can be given as gifts to clients or used for office use. These days, there are so many ways to customize an umbrella that people view them as an extension of their individual style.

Top 5 popular umbrella customisation options

With just the initial investment, printed umbrellas present an excellent way for you to continually promote your brand. When you gift someone a gorgeous umbrella that they can always rely on and won’t let them down on, they will make sure it’s always available, giving you free advertising every time it’s opened.

We specialize in designing beautiful umbrellas, so here are some popular umbrella customization options to get you inspired for your next project.

1. Umbrellas printed in tones on tones

A straightforward technique to achieve a dramatic effect is to combine materials and effects to create genuinely unique design-led umbrellas. To enable unique effects, like an underprint for show through, we combine canopies. For a shadow effect, this is effective.

For an amazing design display, we can also mix and match materials like textiles and printed PVC canopies. Utilizing the various qualities of print and materials allows for the creation of tone-on-tone effects.

We are only limited by your design brief, so don’t be limited to what you see here. We love to push the envelope and come up with new, creative ways to do things.

2. The umbrella’s engraved handle ring

The umbrella model you choose for your brand will typically depend on your personal preferences. There are two reasons why a large, opulent golf umbrella will be chosen. Either for its intended use or because of the size of the panels, which allow for a large branding estate and the promotion of designs that are significantly larger than those of other umbrella models. Due to its large capacity, which allows multiple users, this umbrella is frequently used at sporting events to shield riders and drivers from the sun or rain before a race.

Folding and walking models of custom luxury branded umbrellas are also available; these are typically chosen based on size. A walking umbrella typically has a crook handle and is marginally smaller than a golf umbrella. An umbrella that folds up sufficiently to fit in a bag or roomy coat pocket.

3. Personalizing high-end umbrella brands

You can customize your luxury umbrella to include the following in addition to the model you choose and the design that will be printed on the panels:

  1. engraving on a walking umbrella’s handle ring.
  2. Embellishing the base of a golf umbrella handle with a logo decal.
  3. Imprinting a folding umbrella’s carry sleeve.
  4. Rib tape, also referred to as perimeter tape.
  5. Adding a print or contrasting color to the umbrella tie wrap to improve it.
  6. Embellish your umbrella with a printed or woven brand label.

4. Umbrellas with inside prints

One excellent way to personalize your umbrella is to print on the inside. An umbrella with printing on the interior must have a double canopy. This indicates that there are two “sets” or “layers” of panels on the umbrella: an interior set and an exterior set.

Before the umbrella is built, we print your artwork across the panels. This allows the print to be meticulously matched by hand at the seams, resulting in a continuous image, pattern, or design across all 8 internal panels of the umbrella.

5. Umbrellas with metallic printing and special effects

A range of inks and print effects can be used by umbrella customization to replicate intricate metallic prints and metallic logos on umbrellas.

We use actual gold—not just gold-colored ink! Tiny amounts of the base material are present in our gold and silver inks, which gives the print an iridescence.

In addition, we could match this with gold material for inner panels or perimeter tape, like the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel umbrellas (seen below).

Another excellent decorating technique is foiling, which substitutes metallic foils for prints. Although this method is more costly, the results are breathtaking. Foils are available in a wide variety of hues and textures.

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